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The Gift of Christmas

12/24/2017 David Doupe   

Responding to Christmas

12/24/2017 David Doupe  Luke 2:1-38 

The Person of Hope

12/25/2016 David Doupe  Matthew 1:18-25 

When God Became A Man

12/27/2015 David Doupe  John 1:1-5 

Mercy & Grace

12/20/2015 David Doupe  1 Timothy 1:12-17 

The Giver of Peace

12/21/2014 David Doupe  Luke 2:8-14 

How Mary Saw Christmas

12/14/2014 David Doupe  Luke 1:26-38 

How the Magi Saw Christmas

12/29/2013 David Doupe  Matthew 2:1-12 

From Hannah's Hope to Mary's Magnificat

12/24/2013 Jay Fisher  Selected Scriptures 

The Man Who Found Christmas

12/22/2013 David Doupe  Luke 2:25-35 

The Birth of Christ Through the Eyes of Joseph

12/15/2013 David Doupe  Matthew 1:18-25 

God Revealed

12/23/2012 David Doupe  John 1:6-13 

Who Is This Child pt. 2

12/18/2011 David Doupe  Selected Scriptures 

Who Is This Child

12/11/2011 David Doupe  Selected Scriptures